Our partners are a critical piece to successfully producing the Startup Talent Showcase. Here's a breakdown of how our partnerships work: 

What We Do:

  • Plan, organize and execute the entire event. We manage the entire process from start to finish.
  • Manage the recruitment and registration of companies and job seekers.
  • Communicate with companies in your ecosystem to curate the right line-up of talent.
  • Run the event day-of ensuring it runs smoothly without a hitch.
  • Collect data from companies and candidates and share all feedback with you.

What You Do:

  • Own the branding of the event.
  • Provide venue/space.
  • Assist with marketing the event to your constituents.

Partners own the branding of the event; PluggedIn powers it.
We plan, organize and execute the entire event. You provide the space

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Become a Partner

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