Outsource your screening process to us. We'll bring the talent to you. 
Join us for a day of pitching, connecting and finding your next team member.

Let's face it, the recruitment process is broken. We know the challenge of finding start-up ready talent. We also know that carving time out of your days to manage the hiring process is not always the best use of your time. From prioritizing your next hire, to crafting a job description, figuring out where to post it, collecting and sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews - it's a grueling process. 

We designed the Startup Talent Showcase as a better way to find your next hire. It's a different approach and it works.

Here's how

When you sign up to the event, you indicate the type of candidate you're seeking. Based on information you submit, we curate a line-up of job candidates. Our main criteria include: 1) desire to be part of a startup company 2) skill sets, established or developing, relevant to a startup 3) ability to communicate what they know and want to develop via a one-minute pitch.

All you have to do is show up, introduce your company, and listen to the pitches. After the showcase, you'll have time to connect with candidates and schedule interviews during the networking period. You'll also have the option to connect through PluggedIn, our automated recruitment and matchmaking platform.

What companies are saying

I recruit at local career fairs and the majority of prospective employees there either don’t want to work a minute longer than an 8-hour day or have unrealistic salary expectations. Having a pool of talent that knows about startup life and wants to be part of it is hugely valuable to LockerDome.
— Gabe Lozano, CEO at LockerDome
Exceeded expectations - I met multiple full-time intern candidates that were well-qualified for our open positions.
— Jim Eberlin, CEO at TopOpps
The one-minute format is very plausible. You can see through the nervousness that’s going to be natural and get down to whether the person is going to be able to communicate.
— Brian Peter, COO at Prattle
I thought it was a great spin on the “traditional” career fair. It brought out candidates that were driven and actively seeking to break into the startup scene. That right there was a big filter of students who are at a career fair because they “have to”.
— Tom Pernikoff, CEO at Tunespeak